Kamala Cloud update

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A few months ago, we have released Kamala Cloud 2.0 including many new features such as the workspaces structure, major style refactoring and several authorization roles. Since then, we have upgraded Ontopia to 5.3.0, did some serious code clean-up and improved the workspaces and authorization roles.

Kamala CloudThe latest additions to Kamala are in the form of Chrome and Firefox add-ons. The add-ons open the Kamala Bookmarker on top of the current website and use the url to find matching topics in your topic maps. When a topic has been found, you can view the knowledge you already have about the topic and enrich it, without leaving the website. If no topic is found, you can create one on the spot.

The Chrome add-on can be found in the Web Store, the Firefox add-on can be downloaded from our Kamala Cloud website.

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