Morpheus Kennistechnologie BV is a Dutch knowledge engineering company that develops enterprise intelligence applications using the knowledge integration standard Topic Maps (ISO standard 13250). Morpheus has been the Dutch value added reseller of Ontopia, a specialist on their platform OKS and is now the main contributor to the Ontopia Open Source project.

For knowledge intensive organizations like Dutch Tax Office, police, House of Representatives, publishers and financial organizations we develop knowledge management solutions and improve search functionalities.

In most of our projects we combine multiple existing data sources in one tool. With our method, we provide a way to build rich information structures, semantic solutions, taxonomy management and integration. We can aggregate your systems without actually changing the systems themselves, allowing you to maintain your work process with the added benefits of an overview of all available knowledge.


  • integration of applications
  • e-learning (curriculum management applications and mind-mapping/brainbanking)
  • knowledge portals
  • business intelligence
  • information forensics