Morpheus offers innovative knowledge-technology and -services for people and organisations using intensive information processes. Among others we develop semantical systems for big governmental agencies (Dutch Tax Office, Dutch Police), forensical data analysis, provide information modeling and develop semantic web applications.

What does this practically mean?

  • Seamless integration of polluted information systems, while retaining the important base data.
  • Search systems that allow easy one-click navigation trough the entire domain. This system has been labeled as “The GPS for information searching”.
  • Better trustworthiness of your information resulting, minimizing error margins in your provided services.
  • High re-usability of knowledge and information.
  • The right information, in the right context, at the right people, in the correct format, at the right time.
  • Context, or project, bound information and knowledge exchange within teams, and with the world. This allows employees and teams to work more efficient and effective.

What kind of products does this include?

  • Knowledge portals
  • Search and classification systems
  • System integration
  • Personal and shared knowledge mapping
  • Knowledge base

Used terms:

Seamless integration

This means being able to browse your information across multiple systems without encountering the limits of your systems.

Knowledge map

This is a clear and insightful collection of your knowledge and information based on Topic Maps.


A system is “semantical” if it considers the user’s work, believes and experience when it enriches information to knowledge.

Knowledge portal

This is a solution in which information and knowledge of several people and systems comes together and provides for several tasks and applications to be used.

Knowledge intensive

A process is knowledge intensive if the organisation of, or the execution of, that process requires a high amount of personal knowledge and skill.

Topic Maps

This is an ISO standard for the registration and sharing of valuable information and knowledge. It provides the perfect base for integrating polluted information systems.