GeoActive – MAIUS
MCIS is software that Morpheus and GeoActive developed together for the administrative support of MAIUS©, the education concept of GeoActive. MCIS offers practical tools for the arrangement of theme projects. It produces a quick and reliable overview and insight into the projects, portfolios and curriculum. Moreover, it is easily operated and it takes little time to keep up with administration.


The Maius ( education project is a didactics based on three pilars: theme-based, course-transcendent, project-based. Within the Maius education, the student is trained on several aspects that are often not discussed in subject-based classroom teaching:

  • Skills in the area of learning to plan, search for information and processing information, communication and cooperation. These are learned by project-based collaboration.
  • The student is not limited to memorize, but will also learn to think creatively. The student learns to focus on the result and is more capable of applying factual knowledge.

Educational guidelines and curriculum have a great impact on the management of the education process. To clarify the consequences of these cases, we need an insightful information model. MCIS offers the opportunity to approach this information from several angles and to deal with them quickly and accurately.

Interdisciplinary education needs a solid insight into the different learning goals and educational tools. This insight is required to manage the whole process effectively and to allow for a good assessment of the results afterwards. MCIS offers a complete and reliable information supply which does justice to the interdisciplinary nature of MAIUS.

MCIS couples MAIUS to a powerful and easily operated interface, allowing more time and resources left for the educational process itself.

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