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This system is developed by Morpheus for the police, to meet the demand for a support system to speed up the work of analysts and make it more accurate. TopicView integrates multiple separate primary systems into one clear knowledge system providing all available information from one view. Analysts can use this to make more connections and add their own assertions and conclusions.

Reason of emergence

The police deal with very large amounts of information. This information is recorded in multiple formats, ranging from emails and images to text files and databases. All of these sources of information are hardly or not at all connected to each other.

In a search for a person the current systems offer thousands of hits and the employee must know how to continue and in which system. This means that the analysts spend much time searching for information. The analysis process itself thus loses both efficiency and effectiveness.

Which problems are solved by TopicView?

TopicView supports a broad scala of functionalities. Below is an overview:

  • Separate systems are integrated into a single comprehensive layer of knowledge.
  • In this knowledge layer, you can search system transcending and find all information connecting with a case, occurrence or a person. Moreover, it is clear which type of relation the different pieces of information have with each other.
  • The human factor in analysis work is indispensable. To facilitate this, the existing information can be extended with assumptions and proof for assumptions. When assertions are being confirmed or denied by (new) evidence, police officers can undertake direct actions.
  • The systems integration offers total information dissemination with meaningful relations, resulting in continuous overview of and insight into the status of current cases.
  • Even across borders of organizations information can be shared (authorized) and connections can me made.
  • Reports can be generated in a fraction of the time spent normally and contain much richer information.

Several parts in TopicView are driven by Ontopia and Kamala.

Impact on the  organization

One of the advantages of TopicView is that the organization does not need to bend over backwards when introducing the system. TopicView is built on top of the existing systems. Maintaining the current business processes and systems remains possible. For added value, employees use TopicView.

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